Hiking in Baselland

Group hiking in the forest

Baselland lives up to its reputation as a hiking area: you can discover wonderful landscapes and breathtaking views along more than 1,000 kilometres of hiking trails. The hiking routes range from long family walks to multi-day hikes in stages and also include numerous interesting themed trails. We've put together a selection of the most popular hiking areas in our canton for you.


Hikes around the Belchenflue


The "local mountain" of Baselland, the Belchenflue (or simply Belchen) is situated in the Basel region municipality of Eptingen and forms part of the Jura mountain range between northwestern Switzerland and the Mittelland. The Belchenflue is easy to reach from both the north and the south and is therefore an attractive hiking area for people of all ages.

One possible ascent leads via the military road on the southern slope, which still serves as a reminder of the First World War with its stone engravings and murals of the companies.

The last section of the path to the summit platform goes via a set of rocky steps secured with railings. On clear days, the viewpoint offers you an impressive panorama of the Alps, the Black Forest and the Vosges.

The Tüfelsschlucht-Belchen path offers another option for hiking around the Belchenflue: in around 4 hours, you can discover typical Jura landscapes such as gorges, forests, meadows and rocky ridges.

Very fit hikers can even hike from the Belchenflue to the Chilchzimmersattel. At 991 metres above sea level, the Jura pass connects Sissach and Eptingen with Langenbruck and the Oberer Hauenstein pass.



If you'd like beautiful views of the Ergolz valley and the Black Forest, you can take one of the many hiking trails to Lauchflue. This sits at 1,041 metres above sea level in the upper Basel region. There is a military observation post at the summit – its cover is made from the boiler of a steam locomotive.




A very varied hiking route in Baselland runs around the "Rünenberger Giessen" waterfall. From Sommerau train station, a path leads up to the 18-metre high waterfall, which has eaten its way into the rock over millions of years, exposing the limestone and marl layers of the Table Jura. Along the "Wisenbergwärts" adventure trail you will come across Wisenberg tower, a popular viewpoint that gives a broad view across to the Vosges and the Black Forest. In the last section, the trail goes past Hotel Bad Ramsach to Homburg ruins, which features a barbecue area where you can spend some time relaxing.

The hike takes 3.5 hours in total and is more suited to experienced hikers owing to its difficulty.



Thal Nature Park


The starting point of this hike through the Thal Nature Park is at 925 metres above sea level, but can be easily reached from Reigoldswil via the cable car. This beautiful hike in Baselland heads through sunny forests and meadows in the direction of Passwang and the Schelten pass to the Brunnersberg (1,118 metres above sea level). You can then return to Balsthal comfortably with BusAlpin.

As an additional special feature of the Nature Park, the "Holzweg Thal" (Thal wood trail) presents the forest and wood as a natural product in a creative way. The installations were created by artist Sammy Deichmann.


Langenbruck Roman Road


The Roman Road in Langenbruck once connected Salodurum (modern Solothurn) and Augusta Raurica. On this family-friendly circular hike, you will walk from Langenbruck Postplatz along asphalt roads through the village before taking on an easy ascent towards Chräienegg. The Langenbruck Roman Road is situated on the lower western slopes of the Chräienegg at around 750 metres above sea level.