The best viewpoints in Basel and beyond

Would you like to marvel at Baselland with a bird's eye view? Our canton has numerous viewpoints that will give you breathtaking views of the landscape and mountains and help you forget your fear of heights. We'll introduce you to the most popular viewpoints around the Rhine city of Basel.


Wisenberg tower


This 24.5-metre high lookout tower can be found at Wisenberg, near Häfelfingen. At an altitude of over 1,000 metres, it offers a breathtaking panorama of the Homburg valley, the Basel region and over the Mittelland all the way to the Alps on clear days.

To the north you'll see the Jura mountains in the Basel region, framed by the Vosges and the Black Forest in the background. To the east you'll find the green Frick valley and the Aargau Jura mountains. To the south, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Mittelland and the Alps, while the Belchen and Passwang glimmer as a continuation of the Jura mountains to the west. At the tower there are four panorama boards containing more information about the surrounding landscape.

Whether a family walk or a bike tour: the imposing Wisenberg tower is one of the Basel region's best-known viewpoints and invites people to marvel, relax and enjoy with its large barbecue area in addition to the unparalleled views.


The lookout tower in Liestal


Fancy seeing three countries in one go? It's possible with a trip to Liestal tower ! The 30-metre high lookout tower on the Schleifenberg near Liestal with its 150 steps will take you to new heights: in fine weather, it reveals a wonderful view over the Jura mountains and the famous triumvirate of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. To the north you can even see the Vosges and the Black Forest. Numerous hiking trails from Liestal and the surrounding municipalities lead to this unique viewpoint near Basel. A pretty barbecue spot, restaurant and children's playground can also be found close to Liestal lookout tower.


Gempen tower


Made from steel, the Gempen tower sits atop the Schartenfluh, the highest point of the Gempen plateau. With five levels, this 28-metre lookout tower gives a marvellous view over the Basel region, the Vosges, the Black Forest and Alsace. Here, too, numerous attractive hiking trails lead to your destination – though some do have very steep climbs. If you'd prefer to take the easy way up, you can leave your car in the car park of the restaurant at the Gempen tower.


Chellenchöpfli – one of the most impressive viewpoints in the Basel region


At 1,156 metres above sea level, the Chellenchöpfli is the second-highest summit in the canton of Baselland. The best way to reach this viewpoint near Basel is on foot from the mountain station of the Wasserfallen cable car. A short climb along charming nature trails leads to the impressive rock dome that offers a magnificent view over the area. In winter, the Chellenchöpfli offers a remarkable view across a thick sea of fog, which often covers the entire Mittelland region.


Belchenflue viewpoint


On what is probably the best-known mountain in Baselland, the Belchen, sits a viewpoint around 1,098 metres above sea level, which offers a stunning panoramic view of the Black Forest, the Vosges and the Alps. On especially fine days, you can even see Mont Blanc! You can reach the Belchenflue viewpoint on foot from Chilchzimmersattel and from the Challhöchi.